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This just means that you don't know how to burn and incense stick, and don't know where to buy good smelling ones. Please invest in a holder and learn how to burn an incense stick before you write such misleading articles.


Andy, I respectfully disagree with yoru statement. An incense stick holder works great if you have it sitting on your coffee table, but it is not a good resolution to the ash and embers if you are wandering around your house testing for air currents. Just from turning and walking you create an air current that will blow the light ash and embers from off the tip of the incense stick or off the holder.

I dont know of one Home Performance professional that uses an incence stick to do energy audits. I have only known a few that have used one in a pinch because their smoke pencil burned out on the job and they didnt have a backup. And each one of those auditors said "never again will they do that" so now they carry a spare smoke pencil.

The reason professionals dont use them is when you do a thorough draft test of a home you are going to be going into crawl spaces, attics with insulation, reaching into drop ceilings, closets, and a host of other tight spaces. If you drop a live ember, you could start the house on fire. That risk is not worth saving $25 on a smoke pencil.

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